1995 Pontiac GT – Every Previous Owner Has Had a Beard!


My friend posted this on his Facebook page yesterday and I literally spit out coffee. I immediately copied the CraigList URL and started to screenshot the image and then BAM! it was pulled from CraigsList! I was devastated.

But good news! Jalopnik.com had also seen it and posted it! So now we can all revel in the glory of the breath-taking 1995 Pontiac GT.

I had never considered buying a mid-90s Pontiac GT before this, but I’ll admit it… I’m sold!

What’s your favorite line from this ad?



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  1. Confidential says:

    Definitely the quote in the lower left margin.

  2. Peter Houlihan says:

    Ha! Awesome 😀

    Why was it pulled? I’d like to think it was because it sold so quickly.

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