25 Ideas for Moms Raising Sons

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About Tabitha Studer

Tabitha is a 30-something wife and mum from western Pennsylvania. Technically she's a 'stay at home mom' to two kids, two dogs and two cats, but has recently been navigating the world of publishing as co-founder of The Hunting Daddies. All the while, she attempts photography and writes for her family blog Team Studer. She likes reading, volunteering, and that first sip of coffee in the morning before everyone else wakes up. She believes there is nothing more important than being kind.


  1. Before I read this, I was ready to bet my life that you would mention a woman’s need to be appreciated for being something other than sexually beautiful. but nothing about a male’s need to be appreciated as sexually beautiful. In other words, teach your son to appreciate women as whole people, but no need to teach your son to feel sexually beautiful about hhimself -just teach him to properly appreciate female beauty. Most of this is about teaching your son to be a better partner to his future wife. You wrote this to benefit her – not your son.

  2. One thing i would add (and as a mom of grownups i know a little) – Embrace his friends: they are as important to him as his family and especially be kind (not competitive) with the special girl in his life.

  3. I really appreciated what you wrote here, and find nothing at all to squawk about like some of the other commenters. I have three young sons. I have been practicing many of these concepts and they’re turning out to be AWESOME boys. I adore them, I adore being a mother to a team of boys, and I adore people who help me to be a better mother. THANK YOU!

  4. Thanks for sharing. All these points are interesting and true, but in fact these are just as important for fathers and daughters as for mums and sons. Please give our daughters the same attention and let them build forts as well!


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