Adam Lanza’s DNA to Be Analyzed

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    ref, Culture of violence. Compared to what? The US fifty years ago? The UK, where rape is three times as likely as here, and crimes of violence also per-capita more common? Ditto Australia?
    “adequate mental health care”. As in involuntary commitment for a nerd? Let’s have some specifics.
    Otherwise, we’re just pointing fingers at smoke.

    • And what would be the per capita comparison for the homicide rate Richard? Maybe Americans are more proficient at making homicide than making burglary…even if they shoot themselves in the foot doing so.

      I feel everything needs to be looked at – all factors, including any increase in propensity related to genetic and environmental factors. Why would anyone want less than the most available and useful information?

  2. Or maybe the hardest of all, personal responsibility.

  3. Pseudo-science at best is what I’m reading…
    What will Adam Lanza’s dissection at a molecular level prove unless any hypothesis can be subjected to the scientific method?
    We already know that his primary fault is he was male…
    His problems can’t be related to autism- didn’t Jenny McCarthy prove to us autism isn’t genetic but caused by vaccines- so what other little genetic glitch will be found, especially one without an active lobby of victims?
    Until hundreds of thousands of people are subjected to the same analysis this is simply phrenology for the 21st century…

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