Air New Zealand’s Hobbit Inspired Air Safety Video

Peter Jackson has partnered with Air New Zealand to make a Hobbit inspired air safety video that you’ll actually watch all of. And you won’t even be on the plane.

Included in the video is a secret code that can be used to enter a contest and win tickets to the Hobbit. And so, gamification and playfulness are energizing the predictable world of air safety videos. Its this kind of break out re-imagining of a predictable format that infuses the tired old air safety video with very high levels of viewer engagement. Engagement which, in turn, insures viewers are learning what they need to know in case of emergency.

And the best part of it all? The Witch King gets stuck in a middle seat.


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  1. Adam McPhee says:

    Psssh, that’s the wraith-king, not Sauron…. but my nerdiness is showing.

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