Author William Broyles on His Return Trip to Vietnam (VIDEO)

William Broyles has written a “gripping memoir” about his return to Vietnam and his attempts to make sense of the war.

William Broyles, author of Goodbye Vietnam, talks about what it meant for him to go back and visit BOTH sides of Vietnam in the early 80s, long before anyone else made the return journey. Broyles interviewed dozens of Vietnamese, from the generals who ran the war to the men and women who fought it, “Amidst the landscape of death, his formerly faceless enemies come to life. They had once tried to kill each other, but they are all brothers now.” He writes:

I really thought I’d tried to put Vietnam behind me, but it was like a piece of shrapnel, working its way to the surface. . . . Going back there, it completed the circle for me.

Originally published as Brothers In Arms: A Journey from War to Peace and the inspiration for the Emmy-winning TV series China BeachGoodbye Vietnam features a new author preface.

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