Beastie Boy Adam Yauch Passes Away

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  1. I’m 41. Licensed To Ill came out when I was 16. Paul’s Boutique came when I was in college, about to tuen 19.

    Picking a favorite song is impossible. It’s like picking your favorite child. But Paul’s Boutqiue is their rap opera, their hip hop masterpiece. I’m listening to it now.

    I’ll remember Adam Yuahc as a rockstar who actually grew up. If you look at Steven Tyler on tv or many other musicians, they all look like older, lamer versions of themselves from their glory days. But Adam studied eaastern cultures and religions. He created a film company that many artistic movies. Her went gray. He looked older, gracefully. He was admirable because he wasn’t afraid to grow up and be a man.

    He will be so missed. He was a true artist.

    • Joanna Schroeder says:

      I really agree with the aging thing. 47 is so young, but it’s still an age you earn. He still looked like him, he didn’t put on a Polo shirt and Dockers, but he was a grown man who showed the best side of being a dude in his 40s.

  2. Neil Jung says:

    de-lurking after about a year reading the GMP to comment for the first time.

    I’m 42, and to me, Adam Yauch is the very model of a “good man.” A lot of this relates to the “growing up” that Lance mentioned.

    I think of the transitions he made in the space of less than ten years, from his early 20′s to his late 20′s: from “Fight For Your Right to Party” to organizing the Tibetan Freedom Concert (which I was lucky to attend). From the juvenile misogyny of License to Ill to calling out the increasingly more violent strain in hip-hop with “I wanna say a little something that’s long overdue / The disrespect to women has got to be through.”

    And yet, he never lost the impish humor of his younger years. That’s something I want to emulate. I actually thought of him often over the last year, because from the window of the meditation center in Santa Monica that I go to, there is a clear view of a skateboard park across the street. I think he’d have loved that.

  3. growler says:

    There’s other Beastie Boys songs I like better, but those are too fierce. This one has a mellower, darker sound, and it opens with MCA. So, it seems fitting for today. RIP.

    Proof he was a good man = this now-heartbreaking picture of him with his daughter.

  4. “It is amazing how we all can make such a profound impact on others, sometimes with just a few words. Adam Yauch, with one rhyme, showed me what it was to go from a boy to a man. Adam, thank you for showing us.”

    Here is my tribute to MCA aka Adam Yauch. Please do read, thank you Adam…


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