BREAKING NEWS: Four Dead in Aurora Colorado Hostage Standoff

Tragedy strikes again in Aurora, Colorado, when a hostage situation turns deadly.

The Huffington Post reports that four people including the gunman are dead in an Aurora, Colorado, townhome subdivision after a hostage situation and police standoff. The identities of the victims and gunman have not yet been released. A fifth person was able to escape and alerted police that there were three others inside who appeared to be dead.

The gunman opened fire on police around 8:15 a.m. and was killed aobut 45 minutes later when SWAT entered the home. It is still unclear if the gunman took his own life or was shot by police.

UPDATE: Reuters reports that the gunman, all three of his victims, two men and a woman, and the woman who managed to escape and alert authorities before the standoff ensued are believed to be related. The motive for the killings is still not clear but police are investigating. The identities have still not been released, the police are giving the coroner’s office the opportunity to positively identify the victims and notify next of kin.

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