BREAKING NEWS: Unidentified Suspect Opened Fire Inside a New Jersey Police Station

During a struggle with officers, a suspect managed to obtain a weapon inside a police station and opened fire.

3 officers have been shot and the unidentified suspect is dead this morning in Gloucester Township, New Jersey. USA Today reports that the suspect was under arrest at the police station when he managed to obtain a weapon and opened fire, wounding the 3 officers he was struggling with. Deputy Chief David Harkins said,

The officers returned fire and the suspect is deceased at this time inside the police station.

One officer was hit but is in stable condition. The other two officers were treated for bullet-graze wounds and released.

Picture: Google Maps

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  1. The Indian gangrape victim has died. If there is overwhelming evidence regarding the suspects guilt eg dna, they should know slowdeath by impalation

    ExtraOrdinary crimes warrants ExtraOrdinary justice.
    A percentage of men and women are only restrained from commiting wicked acts, only by threat to their physical safety

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