BREAKING: Pope Benedict to Resign February 28

Benedict XVI will be the first pope in centuries to step down from the Throne of Peter.

In a surprising announcement via his representative Father Federico Lombardi, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he will be resigning as of February 28. No reason for the retirement has been given at this time, though speculation is rife.

If he does retire, Benedict will be the first pope in many centuries to do so; one of the few definite cases of a pope formally and legitimately resigning the office was in 1294 CE, and since then the only cases resembling retirement were “antipopes” during the schisms of the 14th and 15th centuries.


Photo—AP/Alessandra Tarantino

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  1. I wonder if each Pope leaves little notes for the next one: “Yes, you have to wear the hat.”

  2. Smart guy. Not only stepping down for the good of his health, he’s making his mark and will be remembered in Vatican history for years to come. I’m not fan of the Vatican or the Pope but that was a good move in that respect

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