Bullied Boy Tells School Board ‘You Have the Power to Make the Changes’

Caine Smith wants to tell the world that bullying is not alright.

11-year-old Caine Smith endures daily physical and verbal harassment from students at his school because he has two moms and long hair. He could have sat and taken the beatings, or he could have just told the principal, but he doesn’t want other students to be bullied and wants them to speak up as well. So what did he do?

He went to a meeting of the school board to ask that they take action against bullying, and now he is asking the world to do the same.

“I feel like me speaking out might encourage other kids to do the same and speak out and rise up and help each other out to get rid of bullying.”

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“The kids that bullied me had no idea they’d play a part in 12 different suicide attempts. How could they?”

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  1. E.T. Davidson says:

    Kindness matters…! Good for you Caine!

  2. So, Caine, did anything change?

  3. conrad franks says:

    I think Caine is a hero. Bullies have no place in society. They are cowards. Lets support our friend Caine.


  4. Thank you for this article. Caine’s story is an important and powerful one. I hope to hear a follow up on what the school board did or did not do. I’ve shared this story on G+ and hope to bring more attention to it and Caine and all bullied children.

  5. Maybe its Texas culture — teen culture of Texas — but a lot of these very sad stories of dreadful intolerance come from there. I feel SO blessed that my kids are growing up in a very non-bullying culture of our small New England town. Kids feel free to “out themselves” at ages SO early, that there’s no way they truly no their orientation. Sensitive kid existing on their own, unique plane of fantasy enjoy friendship and acceptance of peers — “oh! Jim is just like that…he’s cool though.”

    Its certainly not what I experienced just one state away. I was in Caine’s shoes. But some towns, some schools, some people are actually changing! Tolerance is getting traction on certain roads.

  6. Caine is a Super-Hero in my book!

  7. So what was the outcome? How did the board respond?

    • That’s a question I wish I knew the answer to—I can’t find anything online about it, but it was posted recently, so it’s possible that actions haven’t been taken yet. I will certainly keep you updated when I find out 🙂


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