Bullied Teen Taken Off Life Support After Suicide Attempt

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  1. Poor kid. It enrages me every time I read a story about bullies.

    It isn’t only homosexual kids, although I know they have a terrible time. Anyone who looks different or, especially, seems to behave differently is a target.

    I can recall a young girl from another country who was mocked and ridiculed when I was in grade school. She had an accent and her clothes were different. She didn’t know the ‘rules’.

    I recall running up to her and talking to her afterwards as she ran away and seeing her fear and pain and anguish. I will never forget it. She was so gentle and so confused – why did they hate her? One kind word or one word of defense can save a life. Seeing one face that is welcoming at the right time can be enough to change a person’s mind.

    Oh God. it drives me mad to read that story. How sad and frightened he must have been – to think there is no way out. God protect and keep his soul.

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