Bus Driver Gives His Own Shoes to Homeless Man

When a Winnipeg bus driver saw a man in need walking the street with no shoes, he did what almost nobody else would do—he stopped the bus, hopped off, gave his shoes to the gentleman, and then resumed his normal route without saying anything to anybody.

CBC.ca tells the story of the kindness of driver Kris Doubledee:

The Route 24 bus had entered downtown from the Unicity area on Tuesday morning when Doubledee pulled over near Portage Avenue and Main Street, passenger Denise Campbell said earlier this week.

“Suddenly the bus driver yelled, ‘Hey buddy!’ and he got off the bus,” Campbell said.

“I didn’t realize why he was talking to him until all of a sudden, the bus driver took his shoes off.”

Campbell said she and other passengers on the bus were left speechless by the bus driver’s act.

When another passenger asked him why he did that, Campbell said the driver replied, “I couldn’t stand seeing someone walking barefoot in this temperature like this.”

Good man, Kris.

Below, hear a passenger tell the story of Doubledee’s kindness:

Image of city bus courtesy of Shutterstock

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  1. Never before have I felt anything reflective of ‘pride’ for living in Winnipeg.

  2. Great story, more of this.

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