Buying Out Gun Culture? A Different Idea

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  1. You would also have to somehow reduce imports of weapons in favour of your own if you manage to downgrade your weapon production. (Something that WTO might not like.)
    Otherwise americans will just buy better weapons made in other countries.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    Upjohn could take over the narcotics industry…. Wow, this could be big!

    • Not all of it. Countries outside of the US actually have laws and surveillance to prevent an monopoly that would control the market.
      If you don’t change the law also, foreign companies will keep importing decent weapons into the US.
      Go ahead and cripple your American gun manufacturing. The civilian version of the newest model from the RK family by Sako would become an huge success.

  3. What really catches my eye (or gag-reflex) is how any investment cap dude could ever believe he could alter human nature, market forces and the nature of capitalism through artificial tampering attempts. It kinda cute really…like…well…nearly every interaction flaming liberals have with nature.

    I hope Johnny Mac gets a nom-compete agreement from the principals, and the machinists, and the centers of demand, and the global markets, and the 72 competitors he’ll probably not realize existed till they smoke his bong.

    LOL….it reminds me of when someone proposed the NRA members buy-out CBS.

  4. AnonymousDog says:

    Does Mr MacIntosh think it would be profitable to run Freedom Group that way? If not, what would be the payoff to those “well heeled” investors?

    What would keep competitors from operating their gun manufactories differently? Is he proposing an attempt at some kind of gun monopoly that would completely control the market?
    The whole thing seems rather whimsical to me.

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