California Judge Apologizes For Rape Statements

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  1. John Anderson says:

    Jesus Christ, he probably thinks an erection = consent.

  2. K. Bedolli says:

    Is it enough? No. Is it a step in the right direction? Yes. The same social attitudes and beliefs that led him to make his horribly misguided statement are the same ones that could have let it slide. And it may have slid for four years. But at least it stopped at a certain point. At least the board was willing to say, “this isn’t right.” And who knows, maybe now that admonishment has happened once, it’ll start happening more often (because I am sure he’s not the only judge to have said such terrible things). And maybe then we’ll start taking big steps in the right direction.

    But right now, we’ve only got a few options.
    1. Let it slide completely.
    2. Accept that this is actually progress.
    3. Get mad about the fact that it isn’t enough.

    Only one of those allows us to legitimately move forward. Anger has never been persuasive in logical arguments.

  3. This man shouldn’t be a judge. Simple. I’m going to say that as a man, he has no idea of how sex is for a woman and cannot judge with this ridiculous opinion (which is considered fact by idiots like him) for himself. Anyone who holds that belief cannot be trusted

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