CBS Rejects PornHub’s Super Bowl Commercial, But Gives Kate Upton the Go Ahead

What does Mercedes Benz have the PornHub doesn’t? Oh that’s right, Kate Upton.

The website PornHub submitted a commercial to CBS to be aired during the Super Bowl, not surprisingly it was rejected, but not because of anything offensive in the ad itself. It is 20 seconds long, and compared to most beer commercials it is probably one of the tamest ads ever made, especially for the Super Bowl. It has since been also removed from YouTube, but you can watch it over at our friends from Buzzfeed.

On the other hand, Mercedes Benz “leaked” their Super Bowl commercial featuring Kate Upton on Tuesday. Their commercial, which is one minute and 35 seconds long and shows Upton traipsing around in a black spaghetti strap and denim cut-offs and sensually blowing bubbles off her hand at young men washing a Mercedes, all while in slow motion. And of course this commercial has received the green light.

So what do you think? Should the PornHub commercial have been rejected?

What do you think about Mercedes using Kate Upton to sell their car to men?

What do you think both of these ads say about male sexuality?

Do you think the media is reinforcing harmful male stereotypes by producing ads such as the Mercedes Benz commercial?

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  1. “What do you think both of these ads say about male sexuality?”

    The same toxic notions we get all our lives: men are brainless f*ckbeasts who are easily led around by their cocks, which is useful as long as they act like good little dogs and do what they *should* do in their never-ending quest for sex. Men *should* buy things because they think it will get them sex. Men *shouldn’t* watch pornography (even though all men ever want to do is see boobies), because if they can see boobies all the time, they may not pay as much for an expensive car (since the car is just another boobie-seeing device).

  2. The Wet One says:

    I take the author is smelling some hypocrisy. Yeah, well, modern life. Without hypocrisy how on earth would society function?!?!?!?!?!

    You actually expect people to behave themselves and do what they say?


    Good one! Too funny!

  3. I’m not usually one to err on the side of being conservative, but my gut reaction was that a lot of minors watch the Super Bowl too, and even not being a parent, I’m not thrilled about the idea of exposing them to this particular brand.
    (From my own experience, it was hearing the word p*rn on MTV that first led me to look it up on the Internet when I was 14. And no, the “Do not enter this site if you’re under 18” button did not deter me. I was a curious to a fault as a kid — still am.)

    And as a business decision, it’s probably the right thing, too. It’s not the puritans at CBS you have to worry about, Copyleft. It’s the puritan consumers who will flood CBS with calls, letters, tweets,and bad PR when they see these ads. It’s simply not worth the backlash. (Probably backlash from gender-minded folks about sexism, too, but I bet you parents will be more vocal in their disapproval.)

    • The question in the headline is not quite the right way to frame this. Instead, the question is “What does P0rnHub have that Mercedes-Benz doesn’t?” and that’s the word P0RN, right their in their name.

      P0rn may be mainstream, but it’s still not THAT mainstream.

      • wellokaythen says:

        I think it’s the name more than anything else. If PornHub was called something more euphemistic, it would have had a better shot of getting its ad accepted. I’ve seen TV ads for Showtime and Cinemax, which are hardly G-rated networks. There are plenty of titles found on Netflix that would easily fall under most people’s definition of “sexually explicit” or even “pornographic,” but does not seem to deter advertising on network TV.

        Now I’m just really confused about how the Super Bowl censors differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable displays of breasts. So, Janet Jackson with a pasty over a nipple is over-the-top, but bouncing freely in a revealing top is perfectly fine? There must be some sort of mathematical formula they use – size of breast relative to how much area shows on the underside relative to amount covered beyond the nipple, and seven other factors. Presumably when Beyonce does her halftime show she will be restrained in her movements so as not to invoke sexual thoughts in the audience….

        Damn, this culture has an effed up view of breasts.

    • The minors know all about P0rntube. Back in my day, it was TheSublimeDirectory, and we knew all about that, too.

      Kids always know. This is about scumbag parents ruining it for everyone else because they want to play make-believe and pretend that darling little Johnny and Samantha know nothing about secks.

  4. We all know that sex sells, but many people seem to judge this a BAD thing. It isn’t. Using sex to sell products is a GOOD thing, and I encourage it at every opportunity. The PornHub ad should have been run, and so should Kate’s.

    • What is your argument for using sex to sell everything from shampoo to luxury cars, Copyleft? And why didn’t PornHub use sex to sell their product? That was a very unsexual ad, though it was very sweet and loving. Copyleft, don’t you think they missed their obvious opportunity? Seems like they skipped it on purpose, hoping to get a chance to put their name in front of millions. The object lesson seems to be that they should have used nymphets in cutoffs. Maybe the rule of thumb is if you’re not selling objectification, then you use that to sell whatever it is you’re selling. If your product is “sex” (with air quotes), then you don’t use sex to sell it. The last Viagra ad I saw featured jetskiing and driving sports cars. It was hilarious to imagine all those men parachuting and whatnot with boners.

      • PornHub tried to toe the line because of the nature of their service, and it still didn’t work. Why? Because puritans are running the networks.

        I argue for using sex to sell things because
        1) it works, ergo businesses will always do it anyway; and
        2) our culture needs to embrace sexuality more openly and without apology, putting the puritans out of business.

        By the way: “objectification” is a magic word with no meaning, ever.

    • justawhisr says:

      Mercedes can advertise to as many men as they want. They have however alienated all the women who may have bought their product. They can either forget about selling to women or create and ad with a sexy semi-nude man to win our sense of equality. Pornhub on the other hand is out of line altogether. The superbowl has been a family party in our house and with advertising like that, well, I suppose everyone but adult men are worth airtime in which case adios. The game is boring anyway.

  5. I dont find Kate Upton attractive. I dont know, maybe she is pretty, but her personality ( based on interview ) seems boring ( sorry if I’m judging her, its just based on my feeling ). Maybe thats why I never found female model hot. I rather go for some actress who I know have interesting personalities, like Natalie Portman who is very smart.


  1. […] day and three percent will call in sick. Many more will spend hours discussing Kate Upton’s Mercedes Benz commercial or whether Beyonce lip-synched the half-time […]

  2. […] day and three percent will call in sick. Many more will spend hours discussing Kate Upton’s Mercedes Benz commercial or whether Beyonce lip-synched the half-time […]

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