Common Sense Media Offers Solutions For Boys and Body Image

Justin Cascio praises Common Sense Media for helping to create a safer environment in which our children can consume media.

There are so many images in movies and the media that can make a kid feel inadequate beyond measure. That’s why I was glad to see in my Inbox today, an email from Common Sense Media with two articles about kids and body image: one for girls and one for boys, to correspond to the powerful binary of images we all face in the media: perfect men and perfect women. Both contain good advice for parents of kids of any gender.

I am a fan of Common Sense Media. Their whole idea is that parents can talk about what makes a movie challenging for young audiences, and whether they are appropriate, despite the MPAA ratings. One of my small acts of activism is to submit positive reviews of movies that contain positive messages for kids who are different.

 Check out the cool video and equal treatment for both boys and girls in regards to body image. To read the corresponding article about boys an body image, click here.
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Justin Cascio is a writer, trans man, and biome. His most recent publication is a short memoir, "Heartbreak and Detox," available on Kindle.
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  1. There seems to be a bit of mix up that is either there or is just me. It seems that when people talk about males and body image issues there’s this desire to talk about how long males have been dealing with them while at the same time acting like its a new phenomenon. Or maybe its my body image issues coming out in venomous form but I just wish people would quit acting like males just started having body image issues in the last 10 years or something.

    But a good article overall and tells a story that desperately needs to be told.

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