Costco CEO Criticized for Being Too Good to Employees

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  1. This is awesome. :D I work in a chain supermarket in the UK and though the health costs issue is taken care of by the NHS here and not employers, it’s fantastic to hear of a chain supermarket that is looking after its employees in this way. Happy staff is the best sign in retail, and as retail staff work so closely with the customers who are funding the business, doing things to keep your staff happy is really an excellent investment! I’m surprised the NY Times does not agree.

  2. Consider what happened with Ben and Jerry’s. When they went public it was just a matter of time before they were acquired by another entity. The amount of money they spent on social responsibility created a situation where the potential shareholder value that could be squeezed out exceeded the transaction costs of an acquisition.

    In this analyst’s opinion these dollars could be invested elsewhere to achieve optimal shareholder value.

    On the other hand- companies like the Container Store have made high pay and excellent benefits into a competitive advantage. Looks like Costco is pursuing a similar strategy- if it works everybody wins.

  3. No wonder its so nice to shop there.


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