Cool Dad: It’s a MAXIvan, Not A Minivan!

Jamie Reidy shares the story of hilarious stay-at-home father and writer Dan Zevin.

USA Today’s Bob Minzesheimer reports on a Dad who just may have it all figured out:

At 47, Zevin is more dad than dude. He, his wife and their two kids (Leo, 9, and Josephine, 6, in school at the moment) have left behind hipster Brooklyn for life in the suburbs, 18 miles northeast of Manhattan. Perched in what he calls “the captain’s chair of my maxivan,” he recalls the jokes of urban friends: “Does the driver’s manual teach you how to be boring?”

If I ever find a woman so unfortunate to marry me, and we have kids (two big don’t-hold-your-breaths), I will refuse drive a minivan. I’ll rock that cool Ford Flex.





I’m gonna pick up Zevin’s latest book:

Dan Gets a Minivan: Life at the Intersection of Dude and Dad (Scribner, $24), which deals with, among other things, the joys of discovering a bargain at Costco in “aisle 43,000.”

GMP dads, do you drive a minivan?

For more about cool dads and minivans, read Jerry Mahoney’s Minivan Manifesto

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  1. For me a car is an utility for transportation and nothing more. I drive a minivan with a tiny diesel engine (That is my wife usually drive it, I commute by train to work while it’s more convenient for her to drive) because it offered the value (price x space (for people and baggage) x security x fuel economy) for us. This in particular in a country which taxes cars heavily based on weight, number of horsepowers and the amount of pollution (CO2 and recently NoX) it outputs per mile.

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