David Merlini aka Master Merlini Cancels New York Stunt

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The show was to be the public debut of the first ever “real life comic book character.”

Hungarian escape artist David Merlini announced today that he has decided to cancel his upcoming stunt in New York City out of respect for the recent bombings in Boston. The event, which took over a year to plan, was to take place on Thursday, and would hae been the public debut of “‘Master Merlini,” a “real life comic book character” created by ROK Comics.

KPR Inc., the PR firm representing ROK, released this statement concerning the cancellation of Merlini’s stunt earlier today,

The first edition of the Master Merlini interactive comic book features a story-line leading up to the New York stunt which sees Master Merlini captured by his arch nemesis Caligari. Master Merlini is taken to the river where he is chained to a large sea mine suspended below a helicopter from which he has to escape before it is dropped into the river and detonates.

Master Merlini is a classic tale of good against evil which has been ironically  and tragically  played out for real in the past couple of days in Boston. Our thoughts and hearts are with the victims and their families and everyone affected by this senseless tragedy.

Given the nature of the stunt, Merlini and ROK decided it would be inappropriate in light of the recent tragedy.

Photo: KPR Inc.


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  1. Do we really need to stop the world to show respect for those who were harmed in Boston? I wouldn’t want the world to stop n cancel events like this because of what happened, why do others? The world needs to continue ON regardless otherwise the terrorists have already won in disrupting life.

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