Day of Cease Fire For Online Shooter Games

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  1. I won’t stop playing games for a completely unrelated incident, nor will I feel shame. People, life has to go on. Why let the massacre interfere with life more than it should? Wanna pay your respects? Help people get mental health treatment, advocate for gun safety and respect of weaponary + do what you can to end abuse and everything else that causes real violence.

    ” He doesn’t believe video games cause violence but thinks the community should put down their virtual guns in a moment of silence.

    ‘It’s not about politics, it’s about a sense of us being human.’”
    If he doesn’t believe video games cause violence than why stop playing them for a day? Does he stop all other recreational activities? Stopping the gaming will probably lead more to believe the violence in gaming has a connection to real life violence.

    • Joanna Schroeder says:

      They are related. Both have guns and killing, even if one is fictional. Even my friend who is a FragDoll is participating in the tribute. Even if you don’t think one caused the other, it’s a simple matter of respect.

      • It implies those who play the games ARE NOT BEING RESPECTFUL. It implies gamers are guilty and should stop their activity. Video games of violence DO NOT CAUSE REAL LIFE VIOLENCE.

        As a matter of respect should I stop the gaming for a night? Should I be shamed into stopping an activity because some idiot decides to kill others with a gun? Does everyone stop driving when there is a homicide by vehicle? Life goes on and shaming people with the word ‘respect’ whilst trying to act like video games are to blame is pathetic. That’s not respect, it’s insulting millions of gamers who are not violent.

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