Do Guys Really Think This Is What Lesbians Do?

In the August 2011 issue of GQ, two stars of the (tragically Emmy-neglected) show Community are featured in a photo shoot titled “a lesbian scene.” Sorry, but as attractive as Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs are, it takes more than throwing two scantily dressed woman on a bed together with a few sex toys to make it a “lesbian scene.” This instantly reminded me of the scene from The Kids Are All Right in which lesbian couple Annette Bening and Julianne Moore try to explain to their kids why they enjoy male gay porn rather than “lesbian” porn. They say something to the effect of, “Lesbian porn is just men’s idea of two women being together, not ours.”

Trust me, I have no problem with sexy pictures of beautiful women pretending to have a romp, but let’s not pretend it’s “lesbian.” Call male fantasies what they are, and rent the DVDs on The L Word for the real thing.

photo by Mark Seliger for GQ

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  1. Anonymous Male says:

    I’d say the mathematical probabilities are quite against it. When you consider the very small percentage of the population who are lesbians, think about all the sex acts that occur everywhere ever day, consider the prevalence of “lesbian bed death,” and consider an average distribution of physical attractiveness within the lesbian community, what you arrive at is an infinitessimally small percentage of sex acts that remotely look like that with two people who look like that. It’s unlikely enough (I can admit virtually zero chace) to find ONE heterosexual women whom I could see in person dressed like that, so, yes, it is completely unrealistic.

    However, I would never presume to speak for any women and say something like that would never ever happen. Somehow I doubt men are reading GQ to gain insight into the sexual customs within the lesbian community.

  2. Lesbians have topless pillow fights and always wear make-up. Everyone knows this.

  3. To me the creepy part was that they had a header basically saying “we MADE them do it” or got them to do it.



    Celebs are hard wired to do whatever it takes to get attention, racy faux lesbian photos included. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was their idea.

  4. It’s obviously a staged event – true lesbians wouldn’t be caught dead on such a sullenly colored sofa.

  5. No Lisa. That’s an arty erotic photograph set up in a studio and men in general are aware of that, because you know they are generally not stupid. For someone to look at that picture and come to that conclusion about men, they 1) have to be quite unintelligent and 2) imagine men even more intelligent than they are.

  6. I’m as uninterested in seeing what actually happens when lesbians make love as I am in seeing what happens when I actually make love. Realities of sex have no place in pornography (or light erotica for that matter).

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