Do Men Lose Their Minds Faster Than Women?

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Tom Matlack is the co-founder of The Good Men Project. He has a 18-year-old daughter and 16- and 7-year-old sons. His wife, Elena, is the love of his life. Follow him on Twitter @TMatlack.


  1. Men having been told for a lifetime that they are only valued for what they do…..When they no longer work lose direction and meaning in their own lives. not all but a quite large subset, that group fades quickly.

  2. pillowinhell says:

    Hmm.. This has merit, that its not only health problems determine the well being of older men. I’ve read that in Australia, they are creating Mens huts. Places where men can gather and develop friendships, which also help maintain cognitive and physical health. They also create projects and volunteer in the community so that the men can still use their skills and perhaps develop new interests. The friendships seem to be what’s most critical, as typically men were too busy working to create strong networks of friends. I’d like to see that started here, many people seem to be cut off from the rest of society once they retire and men seem to have a lot of difficulty filling in the time (I worked in coffee shops and this was a common complaint after about two months of retirement).


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