“Don’t Sell Your Hair to A Wig Shop” – Direct TV Ads Killing

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Jamie Reidy is a writer and Propecia "before" model. His new book A Walk's As Good As A Hit: Advice/Threats from My Old Man is a collection of funny essays about him and his father. His second book Bachelor 101: Cooking + Cleaning = Closing is a cookbook/lifestyle guide for clueless single guys just like him. His book Hard Sell: Now a Major Motion Picture LOVE and OTHER DRUGS
in which Jake Gyllenhaal played "Jamie."


  1. I have serious doubts that these commercials have produced TRACKABLE results.
    Know about any specific numbers?

  2. Jamie Reidy says:

    Yeah, Andy, I don’t have any numbers. And I don’t know how long those take, either.

    I’d love to see that they had a big sales spike, just like Dos Equis did post-Most Interesting Man spots.

    • Andy Wilson says:

      I love the Dos Equis campaign – a brilliant throw back to Oglilvy’s “The man in the hathaway shirt” campaign back in the 50′s

  3. What makes this spot so great is the excellent acting he is doing. Subtle, but you see every emotion, without him saying a word. Just outstanding work.

  4. hay glad you like the commercial im the guy in the wig shop buying the hair. my good buddy and excellent musician Chet Dion is the main guy. check out my other commercials on my youtube page and let me know what you think. my latest is the GEICO DRACULA.

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