Environmental Crusader Ed Markey Gains Another Endorsement For Senate

League of Conservative Voters Action Fund Endorses Ed Markey For US Senate.

The League of Conservative Voters (LCV) Action Fund announced in a press release today that they have added their endorsement of Representative Ed Markey for the US Senate to that of Representative Barney Franks. According to the press release, the LCV Action Fund chose Markey because,

Markey has built his career around protecting the environment and has written landmark legislation combating climate change and protecting public health … From climate change to public lands protection to holding Big Oil accountable, it’s hard to find an environmental issue that Markey hasn’t led on … A member of the Natural Resources Committee since 1976 and its current Ranking Member, Markey has also pushed to protect public lands, leading the fight to permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The LCV is a national non-profit organization which crusades to turn environmental issues into national priorities. They are strong advocates for environmental legislation, and they work to elect pro-environment candidates who will be instrumental in adopting and implementing such policies.

Markey, who co-authored the American Clean Energy and Security Act which was the first ever comprehensive bill to reduce climate change pollution that passed through Congress, is just such a candidate.  He has spent his entire career on the front lines in the fight to create clean energy, clean energy jobs, and combat climate change. LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski said,

It’s not often we have the chance to elect to the Senate an environmental hero like Ed Markey, who has written some of the most historic environmental legislation ever considered by Congress … LCV Action Fund is proud to endorse Ed Markey.

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