European Union Closer To Banning Forced Sterilization

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  1. Well on the one hand I’m surprised Sweden still had this law on the books…but I’m also really glad it’s getting rid of it. Laws like this generally just piss me off. And why am I not surprised that the U.S. is actually behind most of the rest of the EU when it comes to forced sterilization for transmen and transwomen.

    That’s snarky…but I really can’t help but be snarky when I read something like this.

    • Justin Cascio says:

      I was pretty shocked that Sweden does, after the rest of the EU does not. It doesn’t match my idea of Sweden, either. I read not long ago that Planned Parenthood’s roots were in the American eugenics movement (not anymore!), and so I’m less surprised when that current rises in our culture.


  1. [...] to doctors and politicians there, and was the keynote speaker at Stockholm Pride. After his visit, laws were struck down in Sweden that had required the sterilization of transgender people for them to obtain corrected documentation. “I am hoping what I did made a [...]

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