Children Are Once Again the Victim of Politics

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  1. Tom B - SOX fan says:

    This isn’t the first time that a foreign country has ban American adoptions. Off the top, I believe that Korea took similar actions a while ago.

    My brother adopted three Russian children (siblings). Two of the three had medical conditions including a cleft palate … these children were not adoptable in the eyes of the Russians. My brother was limited as to photos he could take of the living conditions these children were forced to live in. All three are doing very well … in fact Natalia just enlisted into the Air Force.

    Considering we still give Russia almost a half billion dollars in financial and military aid, you’d think we could do a little more about this situation.

    • Tom, it’s really sad but I can’t say I’m surprised. I don’t know much about Russian culture and superstition, but in many cultures, to this day, in the 21st century, children born with physical deformities are considered “evil” or “cursed.”

      If you really want to get depressed, look at Ukranian orphans who, to this day, are born with irreparable birth defects as a result of Chernobyl. I’d shudder to think that someone would prevent these children from being adopted because the parents are from another country. Thankfully, to date, Ukraine allows Americans to adopt.

  2. Stefan Thiesen says:

    This is in no way a logical step by Putin. It is a political provocation at best, and one that presumably has the potential to harm children in his own country. The logics of sandbox fights all over again: you throw sand at me, I throw sand at you. But on the back of real children. That’s so weak.

  3. Vlad the Childish did not ruin the lives of thousands of Russian children over politics. It was a tantrum. Politics? Not in ANY WAY!!!!!

    Why is it that people are SO willing to trust leaders like Vlad or Barry with their health, lives and safety when they can see examples of abuse like this? Lemmings!

  4. A friend of mine who is American born and raised, but of Dominican descent was considering adopting a child with her husband. Since she is Dominican, she thought it might be nice to adopt a Dominican child. I haven’t checked whether this is or was true at the time, but she claimed that she researched the subject heavily and found that if you are not Dominican you cannot adopt a Dominican child unless you agree to live in the Dominican Republic for six months to a year before adopting the child because they want to make sure the parents instill Dominican culture in the child.

    I was absolutely horrified. I severely hope that it is not true because it would just be unimaginably awful. Regardless, at the time, facts were not be checked. Perhaps the only thing more horrifying than hearing these “requirements” was the dismissive reaction I received when I expressed that it was the most racist, xenophobic, hateful, child endangering thing I have ever heard. The crowd was all Latina except for two Asian women, a Jewish woman, myself, and one other white woman. All of them maintained, “Well people’s culture is important to them! You shouldn’t make them give up their culture. It’s important to nurture culture. Your culture is central to who you are!”

    Call me a typical American, but I don’t think anyone’s culture (including mine) is special, worthy of special attention, central to who someone is as a person, or necessary in maintaining a balanced life. I like other cultures. I think they are fascinating and give us an interesting perspective of the vastness of human experience….but I’ve never believed that geography is an essential part of someone’s being. To date, not one, single, solitary being on this earth has yet to explain to me the importance of cultural pride, but yet, so many people have insisted that it’s immeasurably important. It’s the one thing I’ve ever heard of that has actually brainwashed people more than religion.

    I don’t believe in cultural pride because it fosters more harm than good. I think people can be HAPPY to be from a certain culture….but not proud. As George Carlin said, “Pride should be reserved for something you achieve or attain on your own, not something that happens as an accident of birth. Being Irish isn’t a skill.” Being Dominican isn’t a skill either. Insisting that instilling cultural brainwashing into a child is more important than the child having a loving family, is beyond unfortunate. It’s downright obscene.

    If anyone is interested in the rest of George Carlin’s thoughts on the topic:


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