Father Gets ‘Born This Way’ Tattoo To Honor His Son’s Coming Out


Everything about this video is awesome and manly and makes me choke up.

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  1. How is it “manly”?

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    Good for Dad. But “born this way” might not be where you want to go. If it turns out to be a genetic issue, or some other prenatal issue, it’s possible that it could be determined prior to birth, allowing for selective abortion or some kind of repair, genetic or otherwise. The pro-choice people would have a hell of a conundrum.

    • Nick, mostly says:

      Yes, because assuming it is a lifestyle choice has worked out so well for us. I’ll take my chances with the genetic explanation over “reparative therapy” any day.

    • I have issues with the whole “born this way” mentality as well. But that’s not important here, it’s far too sweet and wonderful to get into semantics like that.

    • Soullite says:

      Either it is genetic or it isn’t. What we’d prefer it to be is kind of irrelevant. We don’t make our own reality.

  3. This is so inspiring! What a fantastic thing to do for your kid!

  4. This is SO awesome! My sister did the same thing (well not Born this Way…but a similar idea). But yeah, seeing a father do this for his son is so amazing.

  5. This is awesome. Thank you for sharing it with us. All parents should be this supportive of their kids!

  6. Joanna Schroeder says:

    YES to Anthony and Noah! THAT is a good man!

    If this video doesn’t make you cry, you are made of stone.

  7. Anthony Zarat says:

    Now THAT is a GOOD MAN!!! There are not enough hats in the world for me to take off to this father! Protecting his children is the trump duty of all fathers, a duty that comes before everything and everyone else.

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