First Male “Barker’s Beauty” on Price is Right – Is This Equality?

What we really want is gender equality, right?

Did you ever think that would apply to the spokesmodels on The Price is Right? Well, now the ladies once called “Barker’s Beauties” after former host Bob Barker are now joined by a guy—a ripped and cheerful fella named Rob Wilson, who beat out dozens of other male models for the gig.

So, is this a step toward equality or just more objectification of men?


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  1. There are so many things wrong with this and the least of those things has anything to do with objectification. This will only further confuse and make worse the divide which men and women complain about so frequently. This will only lead to endless circuitous debates about whether women are and have ever been stimulated visually. We know that women watch and participate in porn at various levels, we know that women swoon over and make themselves available to alpha males from various walks of life, cops, firefighters,athletes, politicians,,movie stars, ( a girlfriend once told me that if Brad Pitt wanted to fuck her she’d have to break up with me, “After all,she said,” It’s Brad freaking” Pitt!.” Across the country, women regularly go to male strip shows, throwing panties on stage etc. Yet, this question is posed as if none of these behaviors exists. In my opinion, though I have no problem with women getting their freak on: Just be consistent. If she wants watch pretty boy’s on daytime tv, or wherever, stop complaining about the objectification of women. Demanding to have ones cake and eat it too is sooo unattractive.

  2. Adam McPhee says:

    Equal objectification is still equality. I say about time.

  3. I don’t really see the reason for either. Isn’t it a game show about who knows their money shit?

  4. wellokaythen says:

    Bob Barker was a very charming host, and Drew Carey is funny, but there wasn’t much to look at for any viewers who were only attracted to men.

    I wonder if there’s a little financial motive here. The female models who were there a long time, like Janice, started to put more pressure on the network to pay them better, and female models generally cost more money than male ones. Perhaps this is partly a question of labor costs, or even an attempt to head off some sort of pending lawsuit.

    I’m wondering if this will have an effect on the contestants themselves. I’ve seen male contestants trying to guess the cost of something but being too distracted by the women in swimsuits, as I’m sure I would be. (“I’ll say a pair of dollars — I mean, two dollars.”) Perhaps the women contestants, who are more numerous, will be more distracted now, saving the show a little money.

  5. Its rather sad actually, they only have male model after 40 years? So they need 40 years to realized than men are beautiful too? Objectification? This is appreciation. How about once in a while we appreciate man, only his looks, his beauty, without considering hes a successful businessman or not, hes funny or not, hes athletics or not. Its heartwarming for me. And no, its not about sex, just for your information ( before some women say men only want to be appreciate physically because they want to have sex with those women 😀 )

  6. Goldfinch says:

    I don’t think admiring or fantasising about people’s bodies is automatically a dehumanising “objectification”. It should be acceptable for people of all genders and sexualities to look each other with a sexual gaze as long as they are not reducing those individuals to sexual objects.

  7. Objectify This says:

    Wait… what was the question … my mind wandered in a sea of abs and pecs…

  8. It’s a step toward equality. This was an easy call, as the word ‘objectification’ is meaningless.

  9. Apropos of nothing, I miss The Match Game.

  10. I think it’s probably one of the very few smart things the idiots that run the TV networks have done. I mean,we all know even today daytime TV is geared toward women. So, give them some eye candy. (unless you truly believe that until present day, women never actually ‘checked out’ good looking guys) To all those who cry ‘objectification’ of men or women I ask one question. Do you think that these models and actors are being forced to do this? I don’t know, according to the interview, the young guy seemed quite happy to get the job!

    • Bobbt, why does someone have to be forced to do something for it to be objectification?

      • Objectification is in the mind of the beholder. If I pass youon the street and think to myself “What a pretty woman”, is that objectification? Perhaps in some literal sence, but I don’t feel it is. If I pass you and think”Oh wow! I’ll bet she’s a wild one in the sack!”, that IS objectification, but only in my sick little mind. However, should i say some fresh or crude remark to you ,now that’s verbally abusing you or perhaps sexual harassment and now we DEFINITATLY have a problem! My point is you can’t police private thought. So if attractive men or women wish to make a living showing off their attractiveness. who am I to say they shouldn’t?

  11. Adorable!

  12. Yes, equality is a state of being equal. FTR, I have no problem with females doing similar jobs. Just happy to see that all genders can now be titilated on primetime.

    Ending objectification is a tangential subject.

    If I had a body like that dude I would want it to be looked at, and I certainly don’t feel lessened by his doing so.


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