Florida Pawn Shop Owner Pulls All His Guns off the Shelves

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  1. Frank James is clearly a Good Man! Not because he stopped selling inanimate objects, but because he did it in the spirit of child-safety…not drama…not panic…but child-safety!

    ***If only more business owners were willing to risk losing their livelihood to stand up for what they believe is right, to protect our children and our communities any way they can. Thank you Mr. James, you are a good man.***

    I wonder how the cigarette store owners feel?

  2. When I was living in FLA and a question for gun controls where the topic of discussion a bumper sticker came out; “If guns were outlawed only outlaws would have guns!”
    I do not have any guns but I do see the logic behind the statement and remember in history that totalitarian governments, as in national socialist party [nazi], communist Russia, communist China all enforced very strict gun control over the people before they took the final control of the countries.
    I am more in fear of cops and government with guns than a madwoman with a gun having a bad day.

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