The Choice Is Clear for Reverend John Unni

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  1. Roger Durham says:

    Glad to see Rev. Unni live out the Jesus-legacy of openness and inclusion. There will come a day, I hope, when his actions will no longer be viewed as bold; a day when groups of people will not have to go out in search of a faith community that will welcome them.

  2. Father John inspired me back when he was a priest at St. Richard’s in Danvers. He was always vibrant, engaging and truthful. My family and I loved him and his real approach to speaking and spreading the message of love and faith. I even drove into Boston so my boyfriend (now husband of 7 years) and I could attend his mass filled with college students. I am proud of him for staying true to who he has always been and welcoming all those who believe to celebrate as a community of faith. Good for him!

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