Fox News Calls Obama’s Birthday Celebration a ‘Hip-Hop BBQ’

“Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs.”

This is so unbelievably racist, for so many reasons.

1. The phrase “Hip-Hop BBQ.” Let’s back up for a second. Where could such a name for the event that was celebrating Obama’s 50th birthday have come from? Oh, Jay-Z was there. Jay-Z was the ONLY rapper there. But Fox plucked out his presence from the group of multiple celebs and highlighted it in their headline because they think rap music is scary and probably plays a role in our whole being-in-a-recession thing.

2. The four pictures below the headline. Charles Barkley, President Obama, Chris Rock, Jay-Z. All black men. Were black men the only attendees at this party? No, Nancy Pelosi was there, and she’s a white woman, last time I checked. Tom Hanks—he’s about as white as they come. Gayle King is a black woman. Christina Tchen, Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, is an Asian woman. But yet, they chose four black men, because, well, the headline is “Hip-Hop BBQ,” right? Surprising that they didn’t put a picture of Al Sharpton there, considering he’s the first person whose name they mention on the guest list—ahead of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Timothy Geithner, all more significant, one would think.

3. The party didn’t create jobs. Was it supposed to? And he did pay for this all out of his own pocket, didn’t he? Yes, he did. But “Rome’s burning,” as Fox puts it, so how can Obama possibly stop a minute to celebrate his 50th birthday? He could’ve opened up a McDonald’s with that money!

In my ongoing crusade against misleading, inappropriate headlines, I can’t think of much worse than this.

—Photo CNN/Style Magazine

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  1. As an Australian we got the better end of the deal when Murdoch moved to the US. The term hip-hop is a use of tainted ’emotive’ language by Reupert and his red-neck right-wing sympathizers at fox to manipulate the American public to suit Ruperts political and business agenda; ie White-right-wing government. Ie government by the elite of the masses.

    Mr Murdoch is not even man enough to admit to his own moral negligence and short comings. Sure the man’s not responsible for a few reporters hacking the phones of murdered teenagers, but the rumors have been around for years and Rupert did nothing about them. He is therefore guilty by complicity. I have no respect for any of the Murdochs or any of their organizations because of this.

  2. Just_a_man says:


    Thank you so much for your post. Your conclusion is right and your call for ending the crusade is well honored. Thank you, sir!


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