Gay Marriage Gaining Ground in UK

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  1. “The Church of England, which is strongly opposed to the bill, said in a letter to lawmakers Friday that it cannot support the legislation “because of its concern for the uncertain and unforeseen consequences for wider society and the common good when marriage is redefined in gender-neutral terms.”

    Ha! They are an established church, a department of the state. Not only does their opposition count for nothing, but when the law passes it may very well comple them to perform the ceremonies, as organs of the government.

    I know church leaders are thinking of maintaining the unity of the Anglican Communion, but this move is going to kill that. All those loudmouth bishops in Nigeria and the rest of Africa? – their heads are going to explode. Good. The sooner those Pentacostals in Anglican drag get their fundamentalist asses out of the Church the better.

    • I’m really disappointed in the CofE. Apparently on the first day the new Archbishop of Canterbury came out against the bill. Guess they know which side their bread is buttered.

      And I entirely agree – broadly speaking the CofE is a fairly tolerable church, it just needs to shuck the dead weight.

  2. Joe Glackin says:

    I cannot see what business the Church has in civil matters regarding legal affairs . However all Churches have a responsibility to Society, in administering and protecting the Spiritual welfare of its congregations. Birth ,Marriage and death etc are of high importance to life and the Government’s duty is protection . The Churches responsibility is our Spiritual welfare. All of this is under threat by undermining the Churches teachings on Spiritual principles. The Government also has similar regarding its administration of law and order. Both Church and State cannot leave themselves in a position of vulnerability, by allowing their core values submit to minority/ majority self-aspirations. The government can operate on this by its Democratic process. The Church cant, even though many changes have taken place. They cannot do much regarding its principles on birth ,marriage and death. When this issue of Gay marriage, which goes against core Church values and civil legalities by its wording , creates unnecessary division .
    I see no problem in striving and obtaining a civil union to cover all this. Their commitment, legal rights as partners, etc would be well protected. But no ,challenge the Church etc and force them into civil concerns regarding Society and Spiritual issues.Would it not suit these people better to put their energies into protesting the executions in Iran or injustices elsewhere? It seems better to play victims of a so called injustice and blame the Church etc. I wonder how they would view the Catholic Church ,s ignorance regarding “love “ by Iran,s reception, to them holding hands ,blowing whistles etc.

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