Gay-to-Straight Conversion Therapy Challenged in the Courts

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  1. They can call it therapy if they choose, but it’s abuse.

  2. SnottyNozeBratt says:

    I’d like to see the entire physcho babble industry taken to court to prove MANY of their therapies and drug lifestyles work.

    I know TOO many people who use them religiously (clue right there) and addicted to their meds and who exhibit no release from what took them for “counseling” in the first place.

    They are self declared experts with little proof of their views. Experts as assigning names and syndromes not even novices to curing.

  3. wellokaythen says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like a silly idea to take gay men who want to be straight and lock them up together with other gay men as a way to make them all straight? Doesn’t this seem like an odd way to do it? Make them straight by bonding them in emotionally deep encounters with other men — seems counterproductive. I mean, I don’t think it’s possible to make them straight anyway, I don’t want anyone to feel like he should “pray away the gay” anyway, and it’s totally unethical to try it on people too young to consent to it. Even if was possible, ethical, or sane, it seems like a poor method to achieve that outcome. Wouldn’t it be more effective for a woman to talk the man?

    If you’re gay and into neurotic, shame-filled closet cases, these places sound like great places to cruise for guys. Religious guilt can make sex awfully intense.

    Perhaps the “post-gay” male therapists are not as “post-“ as they claim….

    • wellokaythen says:

      Ooh, can I supervise a camp where straight women want to be lesbians? I saw it in a movie once, and it looked like an interesting therapeutic method. Okay, yes, the production quality of the film was rather poor, and the lighting, dialogue, and sound were abysmal, but you got the general idea….

  4. My in-laws (fundamentalist B-thumpers from MN) found out that I sexually abused by older boys from age 7-14. Their reaction…First, to gossip about it throughout their church and similar population; Second, to allow the gossipers to churn the myths and the experiences Uncle Bob had with HIS son when HIS son CAME OUT. Wait….I didn’t “come out…” I just disclosed about… THIRD!!! They contacted a work-farm out in MN that specializes in “these things.”

    Wait!!! just WAIT…what do you mean “these things?” My situation is uniqu… FORTH!!!! They worked-out a plan for the bible-based farm to EXCORSIZE the DEMONS from me. (I shit you not…they were gonna excorsize the demons from me). It would take at least a YEAR of my life, but I’d be “immersed in the bible, when I was not working with the horses and fellowshipping with the other demon possessed, gay victims of … WAIT! WAIT WAIT !!!!!! I’m deathly allergic to horses, cows, sheep, hay and arse-holes!!!!! I’ll have asthma attacks that WILL kill me within an hour of being there!

    Oh…well…we were only trying to help.

    They called off the capture-team that was going to take me in the middle of the night. (I shit you not)

  5. The former clients said they were emotionally scarred by false promises of inner transformation and humiliating techniques that included stripping naked in front of the counselor and beating effigies of their mothers. They paid thousands of dollars in fees over time, they said, only to be told that the lack of change in their sexual feelings was their own fault. – NY Times


    I’ve come across the nude element of supposed Conversion Therapy, and I may even have some idea of the concepts, theories and ways in which it can be used to to cause psychological changes in people – Think Abu Ghraib …… But for the life of me…. after years of studying Cults, Abuse, Indoctrination and psychological control, I have yet to even encounter ” …beating effigies of their mothers”, linked to any outcome other than Jaws Dropping and those advocating the Therapy being labelled Loony Tune!

    I’m glad that the court case is being brought under “Consumer Protection” torts. It’s one thing being into kink and paying for someone to provide it – It’s quite another for a person to claim they will for a fee provide service which involves Psychology – and for them to then simply torture the subject.

    I’m becoming more concerned though, because there is so little talk or reference upon “reparative therapy” and women being targeted. I do hope to god that the Loony Tunes are grossly sexists and anally fixated and there isn’t a tsunami of gay women out there being abused and tortured in silence.

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