George Clooney Arrested in Sudan Protesting Genocide

The Guardian reports today that actor George Clooney was arrested alongside his father, journalist Nick Clooney, as well as Representative Jim Moran of Virginia and NAACP president Ben Jealous.

“I’m just trying to raise attention,” Clooney told reporters as he was led away. With his hands tied behind his back, he addressed the plight of “innocent children” in Sudan. “Stop raping them and stop starving them,” he said. “That’s all that we ask.”

Clooney has tried a more traditional route of getting attention to the cause, as just the other day he appeared in front of the Senate to encourage the United States to help the victims of the “campaign of murder” in the Nuba Mountains.

Clooney and cameras snuck into the Nuba Mountains, where no cameras are allowed, to film some of the atrocities being committed against the men, women and children of the area. Four minutes of stunning video is being circulated to raise awareness of the genocide.

What do you think? Is George Clooney a good man, taking one for the team? Is it the duty of actors to get involved in politics? If not George Clooney, then who?

Warning, the video below contains graphic content.

Photo: AP/Cliff Owen

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Hello?? Is this thing on?

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    That seems to be Clooney’s view.
    Anybody want to suggest sending in troops to kill large numbers of Sudanese in order to get the rest of them to stop?

    • MichelleG says:

      What you don’t appreciate, is the fact, that the message George clooney is broadcasting to the Sudanese and to everybody else, is that we, as a global community DO NOT tolerate such despicable and inhumane acts as genocide. He is protesting against it, bringing awareness — he is not remaining silent about such atrocities; he’s been arrested and his life could have been in more danger. Why all the criticism for good deeds? That I don’t understand. What have you been doing to help the situation?? NOTHING?!

      And it saddens me that the co-founder (Jason Russell), of the Invisible Children, and director of the popular viral video, KONY212, has received much criticism too…to the point where it has hurt him so much, causing madness — he was caught running around in his underwear and lewd behavior, and has since been detained. Again, why all the criticism?! We sit behind our computers, safe and sound, and dish out criticism on people who are genuinely doing good deeds. I feel for them. This world needs more good people, but with such profound negativity…only the strong and special can really rise above it all; others will become disillusioned and discouraged by all the flack. 🙁

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    Let the bully know the bullying won’t be tolerated??? And then the bully flips the bird to all the folks not tolerating bullying and goes back to his victim.
    Next step?

    • MichelleG says:

      Then YOU drop your pants and moon the bully. That will make him run for cover and leave the victim alone! If that fails to work, use your cellphone and catch everything on video and send it to the principal of the school or the police. Okay?

  4. MichelleG says:

    George Clooney is a good man!

    Where would we be, if each one of us waited for a sign, or an order, to tell us it’s our duty to get involved? If someone is bullied, we can’t just stand around and be a witness to it; it’s everyone’s duty to let the perpetrator know bullying won’t be tolerated. This isn’t much different…it’s in another country okay…but not so different. Someone’s got to protect the vulnerable, and the innocent. And hope and love are international symbols of a brighter future.

    Ordinary citizens have an impact, but when celebrities use their status to do good — a lot of people who look up to them, can see them more than just icons — they are part of humanity. Some have special causes which they are passionate about…they reach out, try to make a difference and improve the lives of the disenfranchised. How could you not love them for that? And who cares if there are some celebrities who do stuff/charities just to raise their own profile…so it’s a win-win situation.

  5. Richard Aubrey says:

    Most people don’t have the resources or the courage to go there.
    That said, ‘that’s all we ask” is kind of lame. That’s asking a lot of some people. They’re doing this stuff because they like to. Really, really like to.
    So, how you going to stop them once Clooney and others make it so clear what’s happening?


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