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We like to think we’re pretty classy here at Good Feed. So clip on these links and start impressing the ladies.

Special Links

  • Are American men in the process of being “douchefyied“? Are they slaves to smut?
  • This week’s Good Men Picks turns to tennis.
  • The LGBT is botching gay curriculums.
  • Good Feed blogger gets her heart broken by a gorilla.
  • Losing a game you didn’t play in.

Awesome Links

Study Links

  • Men don’t take hot female broadcasters seriously. (We’re looking at you, Megyn Kelly.)
  • Self-control and the likelihood your kid is a serial killer.
  • What are men reading about?


About Lu Fong

Lu Fong was a staff writer and blog editor for the Good Men Project in its formative years. As the requisite woman on staff, her hobbies included cleaning, cooking, knitting, fainting, and childbearing. Follow her on Twitter @lufong.


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