Chris Culliver Should Worry Less About What Gay Folks Are Doing, and More About Football – Video

Totally Biased with Kamau Bell is some of the best television you’re probably not yet watching.

After three members of the San Francisco 49ers spoke publicly about their homophobia and gay hate, Bell and Totally Biased writer Guy Branum  created an epic segment where Branum delivered a message to Chris Culliver that represents exactly what so many of us feel. I mean, if you’re gonna be hateful, you could at least win the Super Bowl for the Gayest City in America to make up for it.

“Hey Chris Culliver, maybe you should worry a little less about who gets behind me on a Saturday night and worry a little more about Jacoby Jones getting behind you on Sunday night, then catching a pass, then scoring a touchdown! Because people only care what you think because you’re good at football. And last Sunday, you weren’t that good at football.”

Guy Branum isn’t just funny on Totally Biased. He’s also one of the funniest comedians, actors and comedy writers around, and has a really great Twitter feed, too.




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