Guys, Are You Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

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Joanna Schroeder is the type of working mom who opens her car door and junk spills out all over the ground. She serves as Executive Editor of The Good Men Project and is a freelance writer whose work has appeared on sites like xoJane,, and The Huffington Post. Joanna loves playing with her sons, skateboarding with her husband, and hanging out with friends. Her dream is to someday finish her almost-done novel and get some sleep. Follow her shenanigans on Twitter.


  1. I… wow. This reads like an actual article and an advert glued together with the most tenuous of connections. Nice bit of advertising hackery there.

  2. everyone has to eat fella. the magazine has to support itself.
    in ad-articles, i like to see how ‘the great reveal’, the product placement is woven to the narrative.
    i thought the below was pretty good (’s shaver ad-article i remember brought a smile to my face).

    A lot of the guys I know, including my husband and my best guy friends, talk about the transition from “me” to “we” when kids are born. Not only do kids cause you to think about how every little thing you do is going to help or hurt them, but they also take up a lot more of your “me” time, including for something like skin care, which becomes even more important as we age.

    That’s why Dove® Men+Care® is so great for guys, it’s skin care that’s easy. It’s body washes that really clean, have great scents, and also double as moisturizing face washes.

  3. I personally would have made the connection with self-presentation rather than soccer coaching, BUT I like gmp enough to be happy with any adverts it gets. As a man with both no sports skills and bacne I can only wish I’d had more skin comfort in adolescence…and yesterday.

  4. Joey Joe Joe says:

    This article should come with a disclaimer stating “this is an advertisement.” I’m okay with the above poster’s comment that ads help this site to exist, but at least call a spade a spade and not mask it as a legitimate article.

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