Has the Time Come for Private Space Exploration?

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  1. The title could also be confused with “exploration of private-space”?.

  2. Mr Supertypo says:

    Im a fan of Space X and other private companies. I really belive that private space is pure gold, they are faster and cheaper than the national and international space agencies. Space X in a decade they build a launch system and a capsule. Nasa is still struggling with their own new generation launchers (to be fair, what makes life hard for Nasa, its the political interference, and the change of pet project after every election) private space instead is less susceptible to politics.
    And another gran project is the acquisition by NASA of the inflatable BEAM module from Bigalow aerospace. Who is specialized in building multipurpose inflatable modules for space stations and ground based stations on planets, moons ect.
    Good luck to the private space :-D

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