Breaking: Connecticut Passes Strict Gun Control in the Wake of Newtown Shooting

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The AP has announced the passage of a wide-ranging control bill in the state of Connecticut, where a brutal massacre of educators and small children took place at the hands of a gunman last year.

According to FoxNews, this new bill bans over 100 guns that had previously been legal, as well as banning high-capacity magazines.

The LA Times elaborates:

The new rules expand the state’s existing ban on assault weapons and would require background checks for all firearms sales. It would also limit the size of ammunition magazines that can be purchased to no more than 10 rounds. It also includes $15 million to help pay for school security upgrades.

In some respects, the measures are similar to what is being proposed on the federal level by President Obama, who visited Colorado on Wednesday and is scheduled to visit Connecticut next week to try to build support for his package of gun-control measures.

Some of the bill’s detractors, however, question whether any of these measures would have stopped the Newtown gunman.

What do Connecticut’s newer, tighter gun control laws say about the future of gun control in the US?

What measures do you think will finally help end these horrific tragedies?


Photo: Chris Krupa/AP


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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    What measures? Not the ones in the law. And what about Chicago? You know, the town with strict gun laws which kills the equivalent of two Newtowns a month.
    See 14-4 and similar reports with slightly different numbers. The higher number is the number of dead in a mass shooting ended when the cops show up. The lower number is the number of dead in a mass shooting ended by an armed citizen on scene.
    Funny thing, one company which makes an “assault weapon”–bogus classification–makes a gun which looks like your grandfather’s varmint rifle from back on the farm until you see it’s semi-auto. Same action, same cartridge, same magazines, same effect in shooting to a gnat’s eyelash. It’s not banned, which will show you how dumb the legislators think the rest of us are.
    Then there’s the rep in CO who thinks “magazines” are expended and so we’ll soon be rid of them. Changed it to say “clip”. But that’s wrong, too.


  1. […] early April, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy signed what is considered to be one of the toughest gun control packages in the nation into state law. The […]

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