How Much Is a Good Teacher Worth in Cash?

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  1. Sounds great! Let’s put this in effect immediately! How?
    What kind of system would fairly and effectively determine a bad teacher? They are out there, but how do you identify those individuals? If you just look at test scores from one year compared to other teacher of the same subject, during the same grade level, at equal demographics, and equal parent involvement.
    A teacher may thrive at one school, and get his/her teeth kicked in at another.
    Although I agree with your blog, it’s a fairy tail..

  2. What an interesting idea! I really like the idea of linking the performance of teachers to future outcomes. I believe that some sort of incentivized program could be created but it would probably have to be based on local norms/standards. It wouldn’t be possible from a federal level to make effective and meaningful across the board accountability standards. However, state and local level school systems could develop a rubric for measuring effective teaching. It wouldn’t have to be based solely on outcomes. There are plenty of standards in educational psychology about effective ways to deliver information and manage classrooms. There is a huge amount of research that shows the difference between expert and novice teachers. If “bad” teachers are identified, they can be offered continuing education to learn some of the more effective teaching techniques. It’s completely possible to create a system to assess teachers and their ability to teach. The idea that “it’s too hard so we shouldn’t do it” is a weak excuse for allowing things to stay the way they are. Hopefully, this research will motivate others to write a practice component response about what this could look like or what’s already being done.

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