Hypnotist Requested in Army Killing Spree Trial

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Not in order:
    Hypnotherapy is overrated.

    Apparently Nidal Hassan isn’t the only nutcase shrink the Army has working with soldiers.

    My father, at the time an Infantry platoon leader in the ETO, was summoned to battalion, which required crawling and such, to receive his Silver Star. They got to a barn where the MPs gave them each a new, clean overcoat and took away their weapons. “You line guys are all crazy.” The functionary came up in an armored car, probably from division rear and thought himself a combat soldier for the effort, pinned on the award for my father and another guy, and split.
    Point is, the MPs thought a couple of American officers were a threat.
    Might have been something to it.
    Took the overcoats back.
    Combat is as bad as it gets.

  2. Peter von Maidenberg says:

    Maybe, then, to do it well, we have to take the risk of losing our minds as well as our body parts and lives. And to assume the risk that some will hurt or kill those on their own side, or those at home.

    I think we kid ourselves a lot about how much of our humanity we can keep in and after war.

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