I Have No Words for This Video Game

Oh wait, yes I do.

Really, a simple description of what Cock Out is should suffice to condemn it to the God-Awful-Seriously-What-Were-You-Guys-Thinking Hall of Fame.

It’s a video game in which you box against AIDS with your penis.

With the help of an e-condom—and I don’t even want to know what that entails—this German-produced game involves wagging your actual junk, Wii-style, in front of a webcam to battle a gnarly-looking virus armed with boxing gloves.

The proceeds from the game do go toward AIDS research. The game’s makers explained their thinking like this:

[Translated] As unusual and playful as the idea sounds, it is based on scientific knowledge of education research. Messages and information are better absorbed when they are brought to life through all the senses. The principle takes into account the biological structure and functioning of the brain. … In combination with the use of new media, we want to offer the latest and most memorable AIDS education for young people.

We’re all for raising awareness, but we’re pretty sure there are better ways to do that—while keeping your pants on.


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