I Want To Know More About Manhood: Podcast

Simon Taylor explores the idea of what it means to be a man in his new podcast, Manthropology.

Simon explains the origin of his cool new podcast focused on how men define their masculinity:

I learned a lot about being a man from Indiana Jones. All you really have to do is risk your life for trivial objects, put attractive women in dangerous situations to make them fall in love with you and most importantly: whip things.

As I head into my mid-twenties I’m noticing a growing desire to question the direction that my personal character is heading in. Living in the eclectic metropolis of Melbourne, Australia, I see a mishmash of cultural expectation of men. Given this context, finding indications as to what a socially responsible and well rounded man is can get confusing.

I wonder how active I have to be in rationalising all of my attitudes regarding gender roles. It seems that my personal ideals and values will evolve based on what information I surround myself with. This means that if I only concern myself with white middle-class male Western inner-city living, my views will be informed by this alone.

I think I can do a bit better than that.

So I’ve created a radio show called, Manthropology. It’s a conversation hour with a different guest each week. The idea is to interview people with particularly different upbringings and life experiences to see how they perceive the idea of manhood. Going into this unsure of what might come up, I’m aware that I may hear viewpoints that will never have been relevant to me before. So my goal is simple: just listen.

With open ears and my Indiana Jones hat on, I’m excited to adventure into the world of people’s thoughts on what it means to be a young man today.


You can learn more about Simon Taylor and all his cool work here, and his podcast is available here:

Website: www.mrsimontaylor.com
Twitter: @MrSimonTaylor
Manthropology on Facebook
Manthropology on iTunes 


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  1. Great idea. I love podcasts. They are a great way to fill time on the road and while I am at work. I look forward to listening to them.


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