Is Driving a Tank Something You Would Find Liberating, Or Is It Just Too Macho?

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  1. No, thanks. I’d be thinking the whole time about the MPG.

  2. I would totally fucking do that. No shit. I would. (Pardon my tank driving talk.)

  3. How can you ask “too macho”? Fire a few HE rounds into a Klan meeting wouldn’t be too macho….
    Get your picture taken driving a tank wearing nothing but boots, a Rambo knife & a loin cloth wouldn’t be too macho….. With a $20 cigar between your teeth waving one of Patton’s pearl handled revolvers…..

  4. It wouldn’t be too macho if you ask me. You know sometimes a guy is just interested in something for reasons other than “it’s mainly targeted at guys”. Damn.

    But would I drive it? Only if I could fire the gun. But since that is highly unlikely then I would probably not get to.

  5. What a weird pair of choices. It would be neither “too macho” nor “liberating.” It would just be totally badass.

  6. Meh. Doesn’t interest me. And worrying about being “macho” is pathetic; only losers do that.

  7. Man, it’s not all that’s it’s cracked up to be. Take it from a tanker who has countless hours behind the T handles…yeah that’s right no steering wheel.

  8. Interesting – either you must find it “liberating”, or “too macho”. I personally don’t think it would be liberating, or very interesting, but if you like, by all means go a ahead. However, I don’t see it as “macho”, either. It’s just something that I’m sure lots of dudes (and gals) would find fun. And some not so much.

    Why the need to cast it in extremely gendered terms?

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