Lance Armstrong Will Admit to Doping

A year after the damning report by the USADA and being stripped of his Tour de France titles, Armstrong will finally speak publicly about his years of performance-enhancing drug use.

Lance Armstrong will be coming clean about the allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs in an interview with Oprah Winfrey this coming week. The Huffington Post reports that the interview, which is scheduled to be recorded Monday and will air Thursday night, will be done at Armstrong’s home in Austin, TX.

Armstrong was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles and banned from the sport for life after a 2012 report by the US Anti-Doping Agency detailed years of Armstrong’s involvement in a “sophisticated and brazen doping program,” that included the use of steroids, illegal blood transfusions and blood boosters.

This interview will be the first time Armstrong has spoken publicly about the accusations, the USADA report, or the loss of his titles other than to deny vehemently that there was any wrongdoing.

Watch the video:

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  1. You two are being wayyyy to dramatic.. Chill your nipples

  2. PursuitAce says:

    Everyone involved is a fraud. He didn’t bilk anyone. It seems denial is now the foundational position of all humanity. And now the rest of us can all be part of the fraud by being “shocked and amazed” by the latest revelation.
    I’m waiting for any sign of evolution of the human race here…any sign at all.

  3. The very thing that he did to enhance his career, is the very thing that destroyed it. The irony. All those people he lied to and deceived. The money he bilked from so many people, corporations, and endorsements. But the biggest person he deceived was himself, if he is even able to be that introspective – though I doubt it. People like him lack that ability. He will go on television, lament about his regrets, maybe admit to his wrongdoings (though after all this time, really?) apologize (profusely) as it is more melodramatic that way and provides a way to harness more empathy, and wait to see what other collateral damage has occurred. Such a fraud.

    Alas, it comes down to the choices that we make and the consequences of some of those choices. Many times people make decisions thinking they are above reproach, outside the rules, the exception. Simply. Pathetic. Disheartening. Happens every day.

    • I am interested in clarification on how Lance deceived himself? You mean because he really isn’t the fastest man to ever ride a road bike? You must mean that without these drugs which more than anything else they effect your mind into putting forth the energy the strength that is already there into motion? One question lies yet to ever be asked… With the same drugs he is accused of using do you think you might be in the place lance was? In other words is it the drugs he used or is it the fact it took these drugs to create enough strength within his own mind to do what he already had the strength power and skill to do just didn’t have the ability to do it without the drugs? I challenge any of the people who denounce sports enhancements as cheating to take a test. If you in fact actually take part in some sort of athletic activity try taking a steroid maybe pop a couple anadrol pills which is a massive strength additive yet is used for anemia and has yet to be proven does anything to your actual strength, take those pills and then attempt your normal sport and report honestly about what you felt. Report how your mind not your body is what is effected. It is in your mind you feel because you took some pill for red blood cells that is known to make you stronger. Now your mind takes this information translates it into your own reality and you will I can guarantee be stronger but was it the pill or was it your strength u had already within u yet has no way to harness that strength? Can just anyone take drugs and be home run champ of all time? Never. It’s not the drugs that make the athletes it’s these drugs that make the athletes believe in themselves that they have the strength the speed the skill that is already within them, come to the surface and be used in actual sports activity and that I will never ever agree is cheating nor is it illegal. Get real we as fans love these athletes we pay money we work hard to earn to see these men and women create magic only they could do with or without drugs that serve only to enhance an already ultra skilled person realize their talent which they and only they have with or without those drugs. Ill never accept any opinion of someone who hasn’t themselves experienced what sort of thing they condemn as wrong. Give me a break talk about deceiving. Give your opinion on something you know about firsthand leave the sports to those of us playing.

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