Lance Armstrong’s Long Uphill Climb.

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  1. How badly has this ruined the reputation of cycling as a professional sport?

  2. I don’t give a crap about the doping, but what I do care about is the money he got from sueing people and companies for liable and slander WHEN HE KNEW THEY DIDN”T LIABLE FOR SLANDER HIM.

  3. Mark Radcliffe says:

    @Archy: eh, it’s been troubled for a while now. Cyclists have been getting busted for the last 13 yrs. Sure, Lance’s confessions make it decidedly worse, but most people in the know realize that cycling’s been dirty as hell for probably 100 years now. It’s cleaner now, for sure, as the average speed of the winner has come down over 2km/ hour since Lance’s victories, which is about 4%, or equal to the advantage EPO/ Blood doping & testosterone give you.

    @Aspire: yes, most of us sort of chalk the cheating up to “what everyone in the peloton was doing then,” but of course, the damage he did to the whisleblowers was unconscionable. He’ll have to really “make good” to all of them if he wants any shot at redemption.

  4. Mark Radcliffe says:

    Interesting piece on Salon today about how we’re all somewhat complicit in his duplicitous rise for eagerly drinking his Kool-Aid:

    Key line: “…for us, it was not enough for him to survive (cancer), not enough for him to get back on the bike, it had to be about always winning, about being the best. So he took the illegal substances he took and we complicitly looked the other way and sent in money so we could have our Livestrong bracelet.”

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