Let’s Talk About Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape

First, let’s be clear that we aren’t intending to jump on a Hulk Hogan sex tape bandwagon, exploiting the WWE pro-wrestler’s humiliation.

Rather, it’s our intent to examine the ways in which there is an underlying issue about masculinity at play here.

The first thing I wonder is whether or not our suspicions about Hogan’s complicity in both the making of the video and it’s going public would be the same if he were a famous woman.

Second, assuming his innocence, to what degree are we shocked at Hogan’s humiliation, embarrassment and desire for justice in this case?

In an interview with Howard Stern yesterday, Hogan insisted that he was even embarrassed of the fact that the woman in the video was talking about how well-endowed he is… in detail. Stern said that he would be proud if a woman said that about him, and Hogan insisted that he is not, and that the whole thing is humiliating and terrible.

What do you think makes it hard for us to believe Hogan is completely innocent in this sex tape fiasco? Is it his fame, his personal history or his masculinity? Or a combination of the above?

Is there a way in which we believe that men should always be proud of their exploits, no matter how debauched, and constantly bragging about them?

Do people think Hogan is “less of a man” because of his shame over this incident?

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  1. Considering this man’s history, he is totally a narcissist male. I know we all are narcissist but he goes above and beyond. I am sure he knew this was going to surface. He’s a sad human being.

  2. Quadruple A says:

    I don’t personally doubt his humiliation. I don’t think the leading style of this article encourages discussion or a diversity of opinion. Its very dismissive, presumptuous, and I think its offensive. Some people don’t like the idea that the whole world can see them naked and having sex and apparently Hulk is one of those people.

    • That’s my point Q.A.(though you stated it much better).To say that because he plays some larger than life, over the top character, that it’s impossible for himto feel humiliated, well, that sounds like misandarist drivel and it’s somewhat dissapointing coming frm a site called the good men project!

  3. …you don’t really believe that Robert Downey jr. spends his spare time flying around in an iron suit, do you?

    You mean, he doesn’t?

    Next you’ll be claiming that Santa Clause lives in Aruba and not The North Pole!

  4. First of all, Hulk Hogan is a character in a scripted show. To judge the man (who you don’t know) by the personna he puts on, in effect, the character he plays,well, you don’t really believe that Robert Downey jr. spends his spare time flying around in an iron suit, do you?

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