Lindsay Lohan Treated by Paramedics for Exhaustion

Jamie Reidy calls bullshit on Lindsay Lohan’s being treated by paramedics today.


The Hollywood Reporter reports on the actress’s latest troubles:

Lindsay Lohan is fine but suffering from “exhaustion,” according to Nicole Nishida, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, following a visit by paramedics to her hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey.

Actors and rock stars are constantly being treated for exhaustion. Yeah, I can see how never paying for anything and having people tell you how beautiful/smart/talented you are every second of the day must be sooooooo tiring. #NeedAnEscapeFromTheGrind

Has a normal person ever been treated for “exhaustion”? I don’t think so. I mean, in the real world, “exhaustion” is just known as “life.” I know Anthem-Blue Cross won’t cover it.

Personally, I’m suffering from Lindsay Lohan exhaustion.

GMP readers, what’s another celebrity “illness”?

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  1. I suspect that “exhaustion” may also be a euphemism for “depressed and suicidal”….plus too much —- (insert appropriate substance in the blank: alcohol, cocaine, whatever)

    My true hope for her is to admit herself into a rehab facility and stay there for a LONG time…

  2. “GMP readers, what’s another celebrity “illness”?”

    Celebrity gossip.

  3. PursuitAce says:

    My daughter was treated for exhaustion when she was 23. She passed out at work. She’s pretty normal. So there’s one.

  4. Look, either in her case it’s a euphemism for being so wasted she couldn’t work or she actually was so exhausted she needed medical help. Either way, I think a bit of compassion is in order.

    Not to mention, you point out that no one else except celebs get treated for exhaustion…yeah and maybe that’s a bad thing. Maybe our society places too much importance on working ourselves to the bone and then shutting up about it and keeping going. Instead of suggesting celebs should all shut up and ‘man up,’ we should probably be asking what sort of society and cultures cares so little about the health and well being of it’s populace.

    (I know you didn’t use that word, but that’s basically the sentiment I got from your article).

    • Mark Radcliffe says:

      Well, I think it’s pretty safe to say that someone with as extensive a drug and drinking history as Lindsay Lohan probably wasn’t “exhausted.” Demi Moore’s most recent checkin for “exhaustion” was soon proven to be just what it usually is: chemical dependency. Now, that’s not to say that we shouldn’t have sympathy for someone who has an addiction problem. But someone like Lindsay, who’s demonstrated for years now that she thinks she doesn’t have to play by the rules, that she deserves special treatment in all situations, and has frankly been pampered by a life of excess, riches and adoration, no longer deserves our sympathy. Most likely she has never worked an “exhausting” day in her life. I know the life of actors. Most of it is sitting around while the lighting guys get the shot ready. And as for exhaustion, it’s not like she’s Jackie Chan, performing death defying stunts all day long. She’s wearing a gown and flirting with the camera. Yes, it can be stressful, but when you have a personal luxury trailer, a masseuse, a personal chef, a personal driver, a personal trainer, and 3 assistants to do everything from get you another seltzer water to setting up your iPad for you, her life doesn’t exactly compare to the stress a single working mom holding down two jobs while raising multiple kids on minimum wage, which is something countless women do in this country without resorting to cocaine, booze, other drugs, and a proclivity for getting into car accidents. She’s a spoiled young actress with an accountability problem. There’s a reason no one has taken a chance on her in years: she’s reckless, lacks discipline, indulges in whatever she wants, and fails to take responsibility for herself. I was excited to see what she could do with this Liz Taylor role, as I bet she can nail it. But you can’t just be a brilliant actress; you have to show up on time to work each day, too. Just like everyone else in America.

      • I agree it could be chemical dependency, which I mentioned. I just think that even still, she deserves sympathy not ridicule. And yeah, she’s reckless and totally screwing up her life…but let’s look at how she’s been a celeb since she was a teenager and how her parents totally failed to shield her from any of the crap surrounding celebs, and it’s not exactly her fault, entirely.

      • Joanna Schroeder says:

        I’m with Radcliffe. And Jamie.

        I’ll start to have sympathy for Lohan when she checks herself into rehab.

        Addicts have a disease, but it’s one they can’t treat until they are ready. If you’ve ever loved an addict, you know that there’s nothing worse than loving an addict. They’re bottomless pits.

        I, too, am tired of all the attention and I sincerely hope that we don’t hear another thing about her until it’s “Lindsay Lohan voluntarily checked herself into Betty Ford (or Hazeldon)”. For her sake and ours.

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