Man Forced To Moonwalk at Gunpoint? Apparently it’s True.

Weird stuff is happening in Idaho. At least that’s how it seems to the rest of the nation. First, there was the Klansman who thought he could be an impartial Sheriff.

Second, there was the chick who couldn’t figure out how many miles a car would travel in an hour, were it to be moving at a speed of 80 miles per hour, and her smug, snarky husband who thinks it’s super cute to videotape his wife making an asshole of herself and whatever school system graduated her.

Wait… that was in Utah. But even so. What’s happening over there in the almost-unpopulated states? What are we to expect from Wyoming?

And now The Associated Press is reporting that an Idaho man forced a guy to moonwalk at gunpoint.

Huh. Now, I know very little about this case, but I’m thinking there was alcohol involved. These sorts of things always seem like a good idea when you’re drunk. “Dude, go get your rifle, point it at that guy over there and tell him to Moonwalk!” That’s drunk-idiot humor. It’s not simply drunk humor, nor is it just idiot humor. You really have to be both to come up with this idea.

And then you go to jail. As you should.

The highlight of this AP piece was, for me, this line:

Investigators accuse Cross of using a semiautomatic rifle during the episode, but Cross claimed during his initial court appearance this week that the firearm was simply a pellet gun.

Now, I grew up in a state (Michigan, Ted Nugent’s home state) where hunting is so important that November 15—the opening of gun season for deer—is essentially a government holiday, so you’d think I could tell a semiautomatic rifle from a pellet gun. But I’ll tell you what, I cannot. So my guess here is that while a pellet gun may be less potentially dangerous, if you’re the guy staring down the barrel and you don’t know the difference, it’ll still make you shit your pants.

Just my two cents.


(Just kidding, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah. Your skiing is wonderful.)


Image courtesy of Google Maps.

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