– Is This What David Bowie Meant by “Modern Love?”

Jamie Reidy riffs on news of a man offering $1000 to the person who introduces him to his future wife.

This video from CNN shows that Dave Greenberg is serious about finding love.

My first reaction was, “Even if Dave doesn’t find a wife, he’a still gonna need a date to his movie premiere.” Holy schnikes, this story is a no-brainer romantic comedy. And I am beyond bitter that I didn’t think of it first.

My second reaction was, “If a freaking florist – a guy who brings home flowers every night – can’t win a woman’s heart, what chance do the rest of us have?” This certainly brings into question the need for Valentine’s Day; if I were Hallmark, I’d pay a female employee to marry Dave.  STAT.

I like Dave, and I like this move. It’s certainly more likely to work than any of these idiotic shows like “The Bachelor.” And I’m fairly certain my Mom would fork over a grand to get me hitched. (Actually, she’d probably just pay a woman to get pregnant with my baby.)

OK, fellas, how much would you pay a middleman to find true love?

Photo – CNN

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  1. MichelleG says:

    Nobody wants to pay? Making payment is akin to a finder’s fee; this is common in employment contracts. Dave is very enterprising; more people should take a cue from him 🙂

    I guess the prostitutes get a lot more lovin’. If everyone found love and wanted love, they would be out of business and less popular.

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